The Educational System Part 2 (English)

Hey Everyone.

I am starting this series to share my thoughts on the Educational System. Do read it and share your thoughts, too. I have already published these articles in my blog post but those are in my native language Gujarati.

So, Let’s start.

Today, I would like to pick up a point on the methodology of education. In this covid-19 era, education has suddenly shifted to online platforms. I am not against the usage of mobile phones, but it has increased screen timings among children. Technological advancements should use in the right direction with guidance. Yet, we do not know the effect of screen time on humans. Some scientific papers have researched it, but couldn’t draw any significant conclusions. We will be the first generation, whoever used mobile phones over a time in their lifespan.

My question is, if we can reduce the amount of screen time in children by using toys and games (physical) then it will be significant. At least children can watch good animation movies in the meantime.

I haven’t observed much difference between online and offline education.

We used the same method and process. Teachers use the same blackboard and their teaching methods while there is a camera in front of them instead of students.

A medium has changed, but the process is quite the same. Here language and social science are just subjects to speak up from the textbooks without acknowledgment of literature and facts. The idea of learning is to set a spark within young minds. 

I am sharing a Quote from Yuval Noah Harari’s book.

So what should we be teaching? Many pedagogical experts argue that schools should switch to teaching ‘the four Cs’ – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.3 More broadly, schools should downplay technical skills and emphasize general-purpose life skills. Most important of all will be the ability to deal with change, learn new things, and preserve your mental balance in unfamiliar situations.

Today, students are just another audience in the classroom.

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