The Educational System Part 1 (English)

Hey Everyone.
I am starting this series to share my thoughts on the Educational System. Do read it and share your thoughts, too. I have already published these articles in my blog post but those are in my native language Gujarati.
So, Let’s start.

Education has many perspectives. There is no one-dimensional definition for it. The educational system got online since the Covid-19 spread out. People in engineering used to take online courses on Edx and Course-Era but the reason was to gather certificates for fun.

This lockdown just got me to think about the different learning approaches. How can we bring out education from the classroom?
I am not here to insist on practical education on behalf of any schools with the only goal of earning more from parents. Today’s educational system might not be a total waste but there are always chances for improvisation in any system. Only selected schools have provided good outcomes in practical learning. This is still not a mass movement because the outcomes of this can not measure with today’s mark-based system.
It does not guarantee the so-called good mark and good college phenomena. Might be your children understood the concept well, but the examination system isn’t able to catch and evaluate this kind of expertise.
For example, today’s examination system checks the precision and accuracy of your knowledge within a given time.
It is much more possible that the same student can crack the same answer but takes slightly more time. Due to the competition, all the students have focused on solving the problems within time. They forget to ask the question Why?
Their energies drain out to clear JEE and NEET.
This system creates a rat race concept. Why do we emphasize one kind of intelligence? What for those who have the better imagination skill to do things differently. They are just rotten out on the same scale as others.
People used to think of it as a fairy tale whenever I talk about improvisation in an imagination skill. We forget that every innovation in science was science fiction. Creators fixed the bridge between imagination and reality. People do not want to believe in things that seem difficult but they easily sell on fake ones.

We should create a generation that asks questions and challenge the problem of the 21st century.I want to create a middle way. I think that learning through toys and games can be useful to teach children. We just need to think about it.

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