Aakaram Toys and Games

Hello Everyone.

I have started a company by the name of Aakaram Toys and Games.
Aakaram Toys and Games LLP is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based Startup of innovative toys and games manufacturing. Our motto is to design and manufacture creative Toys and Games. The idea behind this company is that children/adults can learn through toys and games. Our company has focused on three-stream of the markets Educational, Entertainment, and Festival-based toys and games. These are our primary areas for toy and game development. Our main focus is on Indian-origin toys and games, with necessary up-gradation as per the requirement of the market.

Problem Statement: –

Many of us had seen an age before the digital revolution. The generation born in the ‘90s had seen much more technological advancement than any other generation in mankind’s history. Digital technology is a crucial part of life. Advancement in technology is inevitable. People are not aware of the long-term side effect of digital technology on the upbringing of children. Today, children are using digital technology from their cradles. Due to technological advancement in recent times, average screen time is increased tremendously in the age group of 6 to 14 year of children. Digital gadgets like Mobile, Television, and Internet are good, and they have their advantages, but higher screen time is causing potholes in the development of a child. It disconnects them from nature.

Today, kids have easy access to Modern age technology like the Internet and Mobile phones. Any source on the Internet is a pool of information. Kids use to ask search engines for their doubts, and immediately they get answers. But the children should have to think first before getting all the answers through the Internet. Here, kids are using this technology as their answering machine. It reduces the envisioning capacity of the child. Information tools like the Internet can be a library still one couldn’t expect an innovation written down on it.

Solution: –  

The idea of Aakaram toys and games is to provide a wide range of creative toys, which can develop a creative and innovative mindset at the early age of a child’s development. Physical Toys and Games can help children to develop different skill sets like motor-skill, collaboration, creativity and patience. Today many kids have lower patience due to hyperactivity symptoms. Physical toys can improve that level of patience through play-ground/board games and toys. They have to learn the difference between the real and virtual world. Our team is developing games and toys that represent Indian culture and heritage. We are trying to bring back old games in a different format.

Today, the purpose of education is to get marks. Instead of understanding the concepts, people put more weight on clearing the exams. Our team is developing different products, which address the misconceptions children facing in day-to-day education. With Aakaram, let them explore and feel joy behind science and mathematics, the way to explore true joy behind learning.

Uniqueness of Idea: –

India has a low stack in the design and manufacturing of toys and games in the world. Yet, India has a rich heritage and culture of stories. Here, stories are passing in the form of vocal storytelling. A game or toys are nothing but a story in which the participants play the role of a character. Aakaram toys/games want to convert these stories into the playful product. A product that carries a story within it and unfolds while playing.

Indian Market offers various toys and games, and most of them imported from other countries. Our product will change the way of representation in games and toys with our unique fusion technics.

Mission – Aakaram Toys and Games emphasizes producing innovative, high-quality, affordable, and enjoyable toys that educate and enhance the creativity of children/adult through play.

Vision- Developing a curiosity of playing, learning, thinking, and creativeness in every child and adult through games and toys.

Here I am attaching links and photographs of my products.

Amazon Shop Link – https://www.amazon.in/s?me=A2FAVZB87J59YY&ref=sf_seller_app_share_new

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/aakaramtoys/

Instagram Page – https://www.instagram.com/aakaram_toys/

YouTube Page – https://youtube.com/channel/UCj59u-IhtdVsOwWwQZ2z7DA

Quora Community – https://aakaram.quora.com/

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